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Deep Dive

A dear artist friend recommended painting with alcohol ink on Yupo paper.  Because I tend to do the opposite of what people recommend, I painted, instead, on a canvas.  The effect was amazing.  Rivers of purple and deep blue merged and flowed.  But why stop there?  Can’t I make oil paint similarly flow?  Now the real fun began!  With the help of my studio assistant (my husband) we mixed teal blues and greens with various mediums, spooning them onto the lower end of the canvas.  The painting reminds me of a dive we took off a small island called Canouan.  The seabed was full of green kelp and purple fan coral.  The painting was aptly named Deep Dive. 

Lessons Learned:  (1) Always have FUN; (2) Go ahead and push that envelope; and (3) Always listen to your studio assistant!!


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