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Ocean | Abstract Painting | Acrylic on Canvas

If you like to use unorthodox painting methods to create texture, you will enjoy learning about "Ocean."

One day I was lining my shelves and, POP, this brilliant idea appeared. What if I lined a canvas with this rubbery, full of holes, shelf liner and then applied the paint? So I cranked up the music and began!

I first mixed acrylic paint with Golden Soft Gel, which made the paint fluffy. Having laid out swatches of shelf liner onto the canvas, and using a stiff, bristled brush, I applied (poked really) paint into the liner's holes. Now for the fun, messy, part. I donned rubber gloves and gently rolled my fingers over the painted liner to assure the paint had soaked through, onto the canvas. I then slowly pealed off the shelf liner and, presto, amazing texture appeared! I used the same method for shading, rolling my fingers to blend two or more colors.

If you enjoyed finger painting as a child, you will certainly take delight in this fun-filled method.

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