Shelley Weltman



THE FIRST TIME I saw a Pollock I fell in love with his art.  Further research into the man revealed he was a troubled soul.  His emotions, painted in full sight for all to view, made me understand why I am drawn to abstract art.  It is only in my studio where I am free to place raw emotion onto a canvas.  To me, painting in the abstract, is an opportunity to celebrate, to weep — to live!






I WOULD LIKE to tell you I attended art school and have practiced my art for many years.  But sometimes life just gets in the way.



I hail from Cincinnati, Ohio, where I was employed as a paralegal for 35 years.  I met my husband, Robert, in 2008 whereupon we began the adventure of our lives.  Together we sailed the Carribbean, the majestic ocean colors soaking into my memory.  

In 2010, not content with the blank walls of our home, Robert and I created a makeshift studio in our basement.  My first attempt at painting involved applying paint using an eyedropper filled with acrylic…I was hooked.  I loved the way paint flowed, blended and created hills and valleys of color.  Within two years, our home’s walls were filled with abstract art.  Our paintings were displayed frequently in group exhibitions and proudly grace the walls of lofts, condominiums and homes.


In 2013 we moved to the east coast of Florida, where I was a partner in a fine art gallery, Gallery 14.  My paintings were also shown in Miami’s art district, Wynnwood.  

Painting is like having a boyfriend , sometimes you stomp your feet in frustration and sometimes he makes you happy.  I just know that my world would be empty without him!

Robert Weltman



The mediums used by the Rothko and Reinhardt continue to haunt me.  These masters guarded their formulas well and,  consequently, they are lost forever.  In spite of that, I plod on, experimenting with various combinations of mediums, striving to emulate their excellence. 



I was born in 1950, growing up on Long Island.  I have devoted my life to the practice of dermatology, MOHS and reconstructive surgery, having attended NYU, Cornell and the University of Wisconsin.  I am proud to say that devotion has led my daughter down the same career path.

At the suggestion of my wife, I began painting in 2010.   I, like Ad Reinhardt, am drawn to applying nearly identical colors onto a canvas, inviting the viewer to take a second or third look.  This, and formulating different mediums appeals to my scientific side.  Painting geometrically, lines and angles coming together, appeals to my aesthetic side.  I like to use oil on large canvases, providing room for bold, sweeping strokes.

Enjoying the culture a big city has to offer, my wife and I moved to the east coast of , Florida. One of my great life’s passions is painting with my wife. Our creative energy seems to bounce off each other. 

My paintings have been shown at group displays and are hanging on the walls of lofts, condominiums and homes.


Painting has added a new dimension to my life.  It invigorates my senses and challenges my abilities.